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The miracle of non-judging and forgiveness

The miracle of not judging

Nonjudgement is an important theme in most spiritual traditions, but many interpret it as a noble treat alone.

By judgement, I mean all spoken and unspoken opinions about other people, known or unknown, their hairstyles, clothing, habits etc that is constantly going on in your mind.

But the secret that is hiding in plain sight is that non-judgement is really a key element to free up your own thought process and hence access to new realms of clear awareness. Judgement in various forms consumes a massive amount of your mental capacity and by freeing that up, you will gain energy and mental resources to be used for way better use.

Naturally as you mature, you tend to pay less attention to what other thinks, and you do not bother so much about other whereabouts. Also, you learn that you almost never can judge what’s good or bad because you don’t know the full story.

So less judging come naturally the more mature you get. But the opposite is also true. You mature and boost yourself by practising non-judgement.

Forming opinions is a waste to start with, in the majority of cases. It’s of help to no other. Your opinion about the latest football game, the latest fashion trend or which is your favourite ice-cream. Think of it. Why air it? To value to no one. NO one but your Ego that is.

The miracle of forgiveness

To Forgive is related to nonjudgment, and again this is mainly considered to be a noble trait. But really, holding on to what is yet to be forgiven – grudges or feeling offended, consumes energy, mental capacity. I am sure you meet bitter people full of resentments over what someone said or did a long time ago. And I am sure you agree that it is pityful.

Forgiving and let go makes wonders for your wellbeing. Remember that it is only the Ego that holds on to grudges. It’s not serving you. The fact that you by forgiving, also can release someone else from a karmic debth is a beautiful bonus.

As Ghandi said; "forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, the weak can never forget".

I find that very true. And it does not have to be hard. It’s easy. Just let go. Only your ego will try to convince you otherwise, since it feeds on resentment

So, to sum up - Every step towards non judging and forgiveness will mostly gain yourself. The noble effect on your surroundings is a great bonus. Don’t judge and forgive :-)

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