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Brotherhood Circle

Mystical dimensions of Masculinity



Brotherhood Circle  - Mystical Dimensions of Masculinity

With Jonathan Nilsson

This is a supporting circle for Men that want enhance themselves into a relaxed confident masculinity and perhaps beyond into mystical domains. To be mature man enough for every situation. We will explore all sides of mature masculinity, embrace it and develop it beyond ideas of right and wrong, good and evil. Relaxed meetings with down to earth activities supporting the topic of the day.


This meeting is an Intro session for you to feel out if this is right for you. The following sessions will cover topics such as:


  • Polarity - The masculine and feminine (Ying & Yang) and finding confidence in your authentic blend of those forces.

  • Finding your true purpose - beyond all bullshit and expectation of others

  • Beyond Fears, shame, and concepts - see your inhibitions and burn them through. Present your authentic being to the world

  • Human realms - and beyond - exploring the mystical aspects of masculinity by shamanic methods.

  • To dance with the feminine - sexually, spiritually and in everyday life


Facilitated by Jonathan, co created by the group

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