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About Charlotte and her SQ-work and book in the magazine Nära

I feel the longing for something more, Something deeper and something more authentic. In myself. In the people I meet. In clients and students. In society. It can sometimes be beyond words.

" I want to live my life purposes" "How do I to feel closer to my core and higher self" "How do I connect to my soul and spirit and navigate more on that in my everyday life"? " How do we create a society based on a deeper meening and more human structures"? "I long for relationships that are closer and more meaningful"

I know. I am with you.

In the latest edition of the magazine Nära nr 4:21, I give some more thoughts around what SQ (Soul/Spiritual Intelligence) is, and why we need to unite it with our IQ and EQ abilities into the 3Q (Whole Brain Function).

In the modern, future and conscious society, 3Q is about levelling up and creating our lives and society based on our total capacity as human beings, based on who we really are.

All my love to you


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